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Why Buy a trixbox Pro™ Phone System?

ITSec® are the leading provider of trixbox Pro™ telephony software. trixbox Pro™ is based on Fonality’s IP-PBX Solution which is proven across the world, with over 160,000 users and 25million+ calls since it’s inception, deployed to thousands of business sites across the globe.

trixbox Pro™ is the next step in business communications. It’s the only hybrid-hosted telephony solution on the market. It’s easy to manage, scaleable, reliable and delivers Enterprise class features. Trixbox Pro™ supports, home-workers, free branch calling *, and even workers on the road. Your system would have 24/7 monitoring, Anywhere Management™, automatic software updates, complete phone mobility, and regular configuration backups, trixbox Pro™ is set to change the face of Open Source telephony forever.

Standard Edition

Trixbox Pro™ SE version, is our hybrid hosted telephony solution for small businesses that need enterprise features. It can be deployed with up to 500 users per site (dependant on the hardware used) and includes the usual Asterisk® based features, as well as: an easy to use interface, web based voicemail, mouse driven operator panel, click to call, click to email, Outlook integration, HUDlite, real-time resource graphs, system alerts, auto card configuration, seamless VoIP Trunking and much much more.

Enterprise Edition

The trixbox Pro™ Enterprise version includes all the features of Standard Edition, plus multiple auto-attendants, conference bridging, paging intercom (group & individual), group permissions and lots more. It also comes with HUDPro, which will be your new receptionist! The HUDPro adds, drag & drop calling, private enterprise chat, interactive desktop alerts, real-time system graphs, extension search, extension groups, voicemail groups and lots more.   

Call Centre Edition

The trixbox Pro® Call Centre Edition, the flagship product, gives you the SE & EE edition features as well as some other incredible features. This software provides Call Centre capabilities that even smaller businesses can afford.  It adds robust ACD reporting capabilities with unlimited queues and skills-based routing, call barging, call recording, detailed graphical reporting, 24/7 monitoring, advanced CRM integration and agent login / logout. 


HUD offers users a very simple way to interact with colleagues, clients and even suppliers. It will integrate with Outlook or your CRM system, enabling click-to-call for both external and internal parties. It will tell you which colleagues are busy on the phone or free to take a call; you can instant message with colleagues, all saving valuable time for employees. HUDPro® makes it affordable to create an ‘agent’ based organisations, it also helps managers to track and train employees.

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It saves you money: Buying a trixbox Pro™ phone system phone system saves business 40-80% of your budget, compared to traditional systems. It saves you money on installation, maintenance, inter-office calling, conference calls, business expansion, and more.
It makes you sound professional: As the trixbox Pro™ system offers Enterprise class features such as Auto-Attendant, voicemail to email, call transfer, fax to email etc. Even if you’re a smaller business, you can still sound professional.
It improves employee productivity: Because the trixbox Pro™ system offers, built-in mobility features, like instant telecommuting, instant messaging, Outlook & CRM integration, drag and drop call transfer, click to call; it makes it the perfect choice for small to medium businesses.
24×7 Technical Support Team: We are authorised resellers of trixbox Pro™. Our technical support team helps thousands of customers every year resolve their installation, configuration, networking, and other troubleshooting problems. We are available 24x7 to support trixbox Pro™ customers on an hourly basis or for a low monthly subscription.

Some features of trixbox Pro

Web Control Panel

Our award-winning Web interface comes in two flavours: Our admin panel for administrators – enables you to manage all aspects of trixbox Pro™ remotely. Our user panel for employees -- allowing them to manage their personal configurations (such as listen to voicemail, click to call people back, enable call forwarding, etc.) from anywhere in the world.

PSTN Fallback

trixbox Pro™ enables businesses that want to take advantage of cheaper VoIP calls, a back-up! What happens when your internet goes down; your business telephone lines go down with it! PSTN fallback is automatic, the trixbox Pro™ system will detect the poor internet quality and switch to your PSTN lines in order for your business to keep working effectively. NB: the trixbox Pro™ system will also run purely on PSTN technology, so there is no VoIP required!

Auto-Attendant (IVR)

The trixbox Pro™ Auto-Attendant lets callers "Press 1 for Support" or "Press 2 for Sales." The Auto-Attendant feature is easy to use and powerful. With a simple click of the mouse you can manage call flow, build scheduled responses, forward calls off-site, and more.

Outlook Integration

Inbound Calling: When your phone rings, the Caller ID will be matched against your Outlook contacts. If a match is found you will see the person's name pop-up on screen! Call from your inbox: Right-click on a contact in Outlook; your phone rings and you're connected, saving so much time on bound calling!


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