Introduction to ITSec Limited

Founded in 2001, ITSec® is an ISO and Microsoft Certified company, specialising in IVR telephony for SME & Call Centres, VoIP and open-sourced telephony systems. We also offer system design, software development, platform-integration and e-business consulting.

Asterisk Development

The broad spectrum of services offered by ITSec® enables us to provide complete end-to-end solutions. Being certified Asterisk developers we are able to offer a cost effective business phone system integration enabling you to deploy complicated integration with your phone system & your CRM, as well as bespoke IVR (a list of options that the caller can choose) functions; saving valuable time for both the clients and the users. This can be a simple IVR for clients to get through to the right area of the business, or it could be used in bespoke programming where a client uses specific references for particular projects.

We can offer development services from external database access to web integration including XML messaging. We will manage the whole project from investigation through to deployment and testing. Our engineers are certified developers and we as an organisation possess a wealth of experience across various business sectors.

ITSec® is a certified partner of the trixbox PBX system which is among the top PBX systems for Small to Medium Businesses in the world. ITSec employ our own Asterisk developers enabling our clients to have a variety of bespoke elements within their telephone system.

What is an IVR?

An ‘Interactive Voice Response’ or IVR is a computerised phone system that enables a telephone caller to make a selection from a voice menu. The selection is made using keypad entries or voice responses. This allows the individual to communicate with the phone and computer system.

Open-Source Telephony

Using an open-source telephony platform in combination with VoIP gives feature rich, but cost-effective solutions. We can help you with supply, integration & support of all Asterisk and associated IVR & VoIP solution.

Why Open-Source Telephony is good for your Business

It’s feature rich and highly configurable; there are literally hundreds of add-ons that can extend the features. It’s open-source and configurable, so it allows you to log and record calls in CRM; have relevant CRM records pop-up as the client calls; automatically dial a selected list of contacts and you can display client information collected by an IVR, on the employees screen! You’re not locked in to a proprietary product with the risk of discontinuation or forced to upgrade etc.

ITSec’s IVR Process

Consult – Design – Develop – Program – Test – Implement – Manage
These are the 7 key ingredients into making an IVR successful. Initially we would understand more about your business, not just from an employee or Head Office perspective, but from a client’s perspective; in order to make sure both parties have an easy to use system. We would then create a specific IVR design for your needs, based on the requirements and ensure that it fits with your business needs. The programming team would then be assembled and assigned specific tasks. The coding begins, this can either be done with traditional programming languages or with high-level IVR programming tools; this would be dependant on the scale of the project. The testing element doesn’t just include how well the functionality works, but how robust it is and how well it performs under stress and error conditions. During the implementation period the IVR is installed in a ‘live’ environment with ‘real’ end-users; IVR developers closely monitor the performance of the IVR during this process and make subsequent changes.

Why Use the Internet for Telephone Calls

VoIP is the routing of conversations via the internet or through any other IP-based network. The big plus, is it’s ‘location’ dependant, meaning that the agent / employee can answer the phone from anywhere, whether at home or in a satellite office. It’s also a lot cheaper to maintain the system and to make calls; huge savings for SMEs!
VoIP enables you to make telephone calls over the internet. The technology’s actually been around since the 1970’s, but only recently has it delivered the quality of calls that businesses require. This is down to the fact that broadband speeds are much higher and more reliable.
Utilising VoIP technology is very cost effective, both on the maintenance of the system and the outgoing costs of calls. On average you can save up to 50% (depending on your current provider) against the cost of those calls.