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Soundpoint IP 650 - High-Performance IP Phone with Polycom HD Voice

Designed for both Executive Users & Telephone Attendants who require advanced features and applications as well as telephone attendants who need multiple line support, the Polycom SoundPoint IP 650 sets a new standard for high-performance IP phones.

Revolutionary Voice Quality

The SoundPoint IP 650 is the first IP phone to use Polycom’s revolutionary HD Voice technology to bring life-like clarity and richness to voice communications. Polycom HD Voice incorporates wideband audio for more than twice the voice clarity, Polycom's patented Acoustic Clarity Technology 2, as well as best-in-class system design to deliver unrivalled voice quality.

Advanced Features & Applications

The Soundpoint Ip 650's SIP 2.0 software fully supports Microsoft Live Communications Server 2005 for telephony and presence, and interoperates with Microsoft Office Communicator. The SoundPoint IP 650 also includes a USB port for future applications.

Enhanced Call Handling Capabilities

The Polycom SoundPoint IP 650 accommodates 6 lines in standalone mode which increases to 12 lines as an attendant console when equipped with SoundPoint IP Expansion Modules. The IP650 supports shared call / bridged line appearance, an essential feature for effective phone communication between executives and their assistants. The phone's busy lamp field (BLF) functionality enables phone attendants to monitor the on-hook / off-hook status of key contacts, and despatch incoming calls for those contacts more efficiently.


When equipped with upto 3 expansion modules the SoundPoint IP 650 delivers the advanced call handling capabilities and enhanced user interface of a High Performance attendant console. Engineered to improve productivity of telephone attendants, the SoundPoint IP attendant console allows effective and efficient management and monitoring of upto 24 simultaneous calls on up to 12 lines.

Intuitive User Interface

The IP 650 provides all of its capabilities through an intuitive user interface, featuring a backlit grayscale 320x160 graphical LCD display, easy-to-navigate menu and a combination of 26 dedicated hard keys and 4 context-sensitive soft keys for easy access to essential telephony features.

Efficient Installation and Provisioning

The SoundPoint IP 650 is designed to make installation, configuration and upgrading as simple and efficient as possible, and boasts a two-port Ethernet switch and integrated Power over Ethernet circuitry. The SoundPoint IP 650 can be centrally configured and upgraded in the field using a FTP, TFTP, HTTP4, or HTTPS4 server and supports provisioning server redundancy.


Polycom is the leading independent supplier of standards-basedIP phones that are fully interoperable withkey IP PBX and Softswitch platform

Polycom IP 650 Features

Advanced Features & Applications

  • Integration with Microsoft LCS 2005 and Microsoft Office Communicator
  • USB port for future applications
  • XHTML microbrowser
  • Integrated PoE support
  • Backlit 320x160 graphical grayscale LCD

Advanced Call Handling Capabilities

  • Six lines (standalone) / 12 lines with Expansion Module(s)
  • Busy lamp field (BLF) 2
  • Shared call / bridged line appearance 2

High-performance IP phone with Polycom HD Voice™ technology

  • Six-line executive phone
  • Revolutionary voice quality with Polycom HD Voice technology
  • Cutting-edge features and applications
  • Expandable to support three Polycom SoundPoint IP Expansion Modules
  • Interoperable with leading SIP-based IP PBX and Softswitch platforms
  • SIP features

Features and Benefits

  • Six lines (standalone) / 12 lines (with the SoundPoint IP Expansion Module)
  • Polycom HD Voice technology, including support of G.722 wideband codec, Acoustic Clarity Technology 2, and systems design optimized for Polycom HD

Voice technology

  • Advanced functionality, including shared lines, busy lamp field, presence, and XHTML applications
  • Support of up to three SoundPoint IP Expansion Modules
  • Backlit 320 x 160-pixel grayscale graphical LCD
  • Integrated IEEE 802.3af Power over Ethernet (PoE) support
  • USB port for future applications